How does the tan from sunless tanning/airbrush tanning occur?  The solution contains the chemical dihydrozyacetone, or DHA, which interacts with the dead surface cells in the epidermis to darken your skin color and simulate a tan. The "tan" lasts until your skin cells turnover and your skin naturally exfoliates.

How long will my airbrush tan last? The majority of clients who follow our pre and post-tan tips get at least 7 days out of their airbrush tan. Over the course of the 7 days the tan will slowly fade, meaning it will look lighter at day 5 than day 1. For this reason, booking your tan one or two days before your event is recommended so that it looks "fresh."  Some clients who moisturize often and use tan extending products are able to get 10-14 days out of their tan. Everyone is different, as the rate at which your cells turnover and your skin naturally exfoliates varies from person to person. 

How does airbrush tanning differ from a spray booth tan?  Unlike an automated spray booth, at the Bronzing Lounge you are sprayed by one of our professional airbrush technicians ensuring no streaks and a perfectly flawless tan every time!

Will my airbrush tan look orange or streaky?  This is the most frequently asked question that we receive. The answer is NO! The dreaded orange color is the result of overspray and using too dark of a solution color for someone's skin tone. The Bronzing Lounge uses a variety of solutions that are fully customized to your skin tone and type. Our professional airbrush technicians use a certified technique that will leave your tan perfectly even and flawless-- never streaky.

How long will my Bronzing Lounge airbrush tan session last? Plan to spend 30 minutes for your session. We begin with a complimentary consultation that includes a color analysis. The actual airbrushing portion of your appointment typically lasts 10-15 minutes. You will have plenty of time to relax afterwards in our comfortable heated drying area before you are on your way!

What is the difference between the Express and Signature Bronzing Sessions? The only difference is shower time. Both solutions can make you as light or dark as you desire, and both last for the same amount of time. Note that after you shower off the Express Tan, you will feel quite a bit lighter due to the fact that the cosmetic bronzer will be gone and your tan will only be 2-4 hours into development. Your tan will then continue to develop for 8-10 hours after your shower. By contrast, when you shower off the Signature Tan it is fully developed, and the color you see will be the actual color of your tan.

Do you use XYZ brand of solution?  The Bronzing Lounge uses various brands of solutions at different DHA levels for a fully customized color. If you have a preferred brand, please call us to inquire as to whether we have it in stock.

What should I wear DURING my airbrush tan appointment? Women are welcome to airbrush tan however they are comfortable. Men are required to wear bottoms. Disposable tops and bottoms are available if you forget/prefer not to wear a swimsuit. Think about possible tan lines and how they will look with your event dress or vacation swimsuit! 

What should I wear AFTER my airbrush tan appointment?  We recommend that you wear dark loose-fitting clothing. No jeans, yoga pants, or leggings! Slip-on shoes or sandals are also recommended.

Does my airbrush tan protect me from the sun? No! Your airbrush tan offers no protection from the sun's harmful rays. The Bronzing Lounge highly recommends a waterproof SPF 30 sunscreen whenever you are outside. We have several organic sunscreens available for purchase.

I am pregnant/nursing. Can I still airbrush tan?  Yes; however, we do ask that you consult your doctor prior to scheduling your appointment.

I am getting married soon. How far in advance should I book my airbrush tanning appointment? Congratulations! We highly recommend that you come in for a practice tan a few weeks prior to your big day. Your wedding day tan should then be scheduled 2-3 days prior to your big day and AFTER your manicure/pedicure. We also offer a special Bridal Package that includes 3 tans for a discounted rate of $90 (a savings of $30).  

I am under 18. Do I need a parent present to tan?  If a parent cannot come with you to your airbrush tan appointment, we require a signed waiver form emailed to us. Please print the waiver, have your parent or guardian sign, and bring to your appointment!