Pre-Tan Preparation

Shower, Shave/Wax, and Exfoliate - no less than 12 hours prior to your airbrush tanning session. Exfoliation is particularly important - be sure to remove all color from previous airbrush tanning sessions. .

Keep Skin Clean - avoid body lotion, moisturizers, deodorants, antiperspirants, oils and makeup on the skin before your airbrush tanning session. 

Wear Dark, Loose-Fitting Clothing and Shoes - or bring these items with you to change into after your airbrush tanning session. Avoid jeans, tight yoga pants or leggings, and sports bras.


Post-Tan Maintenance

Keep Skin Dry for 8-10 Hours No exercising, sweating, swimming, showering, or bathing for 8-10 hours (unless using the Express Tan Solution).

Shower After 8-10 Hours - Shower without exfoliates or abrasives. Wash with a mild, clear shower gel. Be aware that some color will wash off in the shower - this is the excess solution and is totally normal. Be careful toweling off- gently pat skin dry, don't rub!

Moisturizing is Key - Apply body lotion and moisturizer at least once a day. When the air is dryer (particularly in wintertime), you may want to consider using body lotion twice per day - once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime. If using a tan extending product, also apply body lotion at the opposite time of day (example: tan extending lotion in the morning, body lotion before bedtime). the tan extending product alone will not give the moisture you need to extend your tan, particularly in the wintertime.

Products to Avoid

BHA Products - Beta Hydroxy Acids such as Salicylic Acid

AHA Products - Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Citric, and Tartaric Acids

Anti-Acne Products - such as Accutane and Salicylic Acid

Anti-Aging Products - anything that "renews" or "refreshes" the skin probably exfoliates it. Examples are Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, and Tretinoin.

Exfoliating Scrubs - for face or body

Bug Spray/Perfumes/Body Spray/Spray Sunscreens - spray can remove or fade your tan if sprayed directly on the skin. Instead, spray a "cloud" that you can walk through 

Toners - containing "alcohol" or "Witch Hazel" in the top three ingredients

Bar Soaps - particularly deodorant and/or antibacterial bar soaps. Choose clear gel soaps instead.

Dove Soap and Shower Gel - this brand has been known to fade tans faster on some people

Curel Lotion - this brand has been known to fade tans faster on some people

Band Aids/Adhesive Tape - "pulls" the color off

Body Hair Bleach Products - lighten an airbrush tan, while hair inhibiting lotions tend to make it look yellow

Wax or Depilatory Hair Removal Products - such as Nair, Veet, and Neet

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Airbrush Tan

Regular Exercise/Sweating - If you exercise and sweat heavily your airbrush tan may fade faster, especially in the body fold areas (arm bends, knee bends, between breasts, etc.)

Hormones - A woman's airbrush tan may develop differently during various hormonal changes (ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy). Some have reported the tan is streaky, patchy, fades worse, or produces lighter or no color).

Antibiotics and Other Medications - Medications that affect your skin may also affect your airbrush tan.

Shaving - Exfoliation occurs every time you shave. A dull razor scrapes off more skin, so be sure to use a sharp clean razor with a shave gel or cream. An electric razor or epilator will fade your airbrush tan less.

Frequent Submersion in Water - Hot water from bath tubs or hot tubs can fade your airbrush tan faster, as can frequent swimming. If swimming outside, an application of a thick layer of waterproof sunblock can help protect your airbrush tan.

Toweling Off - After a bath or shower, gently pat skin dry with a towel, don't rub!