Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

The Bronzing Lounge offers a quick, painless, and enamel-safe teeth whitening system that produces guaranteed results in just 15 minutes! Cosmetic teeth whitening is only available at our Wauwatosa location.


Single Session - $99

One 15 minute session lifts topical staining which results in a guaranteed shade improvement of 2 – 5 shades.


Double Session - $149

Two 15 minute sessions ideally completed in succession. The first 15 minute session lifts topical stains, while the second 15 minute session lifts deeper and older stains from teeth staining vices. The double session guarantees a shade improvement of 2 – 10 shades.


Additional 30 minute sessions - $40

Use the remainder of your teeth whitening gel at your convenience. Each session after your first 30 minutes is $40. Gel is good for up to a year refrigerated. The Bronzing Lounge recommends two whitening sessions at the most for one appointment.


Real Results From Clients:


Looking for both an airbrush tan and teeth whitening? Try our Glow Package!*

*available only at our Wauwatosa location